About Us



How we started
Founded in 2007 by Mark and Kathy Rodriguez, Alamo Peppers is locally owned, and operated in San Antonio, TX. We possess a passion, and desire for the highest quality of food, flavor, and taste. And of course, heat! Alamo Peppers began creating our truly unique and flavorful seasoning blends, with our love of exotic, and hard to find chiles. We have partnered with very select farmers sharing our same beliefs regarding food, and their top quality to provide you, the absolute best quality chile peppers in the world. Taste our difference, and you be the judge.

Alamo Peppers Today
Since our beginnings, we have grown our business into one of the leaders in the area of manufacturing, and processing our freshly grown superhot chili peppers. We select, and supply only top quality products. We also prefer them the way they were intended to be, pure, and non modified. They never contain any chemical impurities like aflitoxins, or Sudan Dyes.

Our Future Outlook
We at Alamo Peppers strive to continue to provide our customers with the top grade quality products for years to come. Add spice to your life. Taste what makes us different!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  OUR FUTURE

New Brand - Alamo Peppers
We have consolidated our websites and brought the product lines of each into the Alamo Peppers site.  If you're a customer of Bhut-Jolokia.net or AlamoCityPepperProducts.com, welcome to the consolidated site: AlamoPeppers.com.  All of the people you know and trust are part of the Alamo Peppers family so rest assured that the same high levels of quality and service will continue.

And now we have an updated website to provide a better browsing experience for you to increase your satisfaction!

We work hard to get the best products at the best prices and pass those on to our customers. Due to the economy, supply issues, shipping costs, our costs keep increasing. And unfortunately that means our prices need to rise also.