Social Responsibility

The Other Side Academy in Salt Lake City, UT

We Save Lives by Changing Behavior

Alamo Peppers is excited to work with The Other Side Academy. It is a program that is available as an alternative to those facing long-term incarceration. The Other Side Academy is a training school for students to learn pro-social, vocational and life skills. Alamo Peppers provided some peppers for the students in the kitchen to enhance meals and make hot sauces.


Bonton Farms in Dallas, Texas

Growing Hope Through Agriculture
We are proud supporters of Bonton Farms.  Bonton Farms is an urban farm, providing food, jobs, community development, and restoration in Bonton, a small neighborhood just south of downtown Dallas.  The Bonton community is a “food desert” by USDA standards with the nearest grocery store about 3 miles away and 63% of the people without personal transportation.  It also has the highest rate of diabetes and cardiovascular disease in the city and county of Dallas.  Bonton is historically an African-American community, and one of the most economically challenged neighborhoods in the city of Dallas.  Bonton Farms is an extension of H.I.S. BridgeBuilders ministry in South Dallas that exists to restore urban communities for the glory of God.   Bonton Farm hires men from the neighborhood to work at the site. Most of the staff is made up of former inmates who grew up in the once-neglected community. The workers help harvest the produce, tend to the 150+ chickens on which the community relies for eggs, and a large group of milking goats.  Bonton Farms exists to make local, organic produce available in hope of restoring health to this community.

We discovered Bonton Farms when they were featured on a tv show, Texas Country Reporter.  While talking with Bonton Farms, we realized that they get a better return on value from higher priced product.  What better product than superhot chile peppers!  Superhot chile peppers are easy to grow, in high demand and command a high price at any Farmer's Market.  Alamo Peppers donates seeds for superhot chile peppers to assist in providing a high return product that will help improve the community.


Junior Livestock Auctions | San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Support Texas Youth in their Agricultural and Educational Endeavors

One of our favorite things about the Junior Livestock Auctions is that all the money bid goes to the junior exhibitors.  Texas 4-H and FFA members raise a market animal (steer, pig, lamb, turkey or goat) and sell it at the Junior Livestock Auction at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo.  The kids have to be academically eligible and must have continuously, personally, fed and cared for their animal.  The money invested supports the junior exhibitor that raised the animal and helps offset their expenses and lets them plan for their agricultural future and college educations.  Alamo Peppers is privileged to be a part of supporting the next generation and encouraging winning behavior and goals.


Animal Rescue

Give Back to Furry Friends
In addition to growing plants and helping enable people, Alamo Peppers is passonate about pets.  Our dogs and cats have all been rescue animals and we support he Animal Defense League in San Antonio, which is a no-kill shelter.  Their mission is to enhance the quality of life for abandoned, abused or neglected dogs and cats by providing needed medical care (including spaying and neutering), food, shelter and safety along with compassion and attention.  They also work to find the best possible home for each animal.  Studies have shown there are lots of health benefits of pets, including reducing stress and anxiety, easing loneliness and bringing unconditional love to your life.  Not to mention the joy and laughter they bring.  Pets bring so much to our lives that we want to give back and improve their lives.  Please join us in supporting animal rescue organizations.